How I became a Ham Radio Operator

I can tell it only about me in the following Message

I was ever interested in Radio operating

Ones I get a Citicen Band Radio as a gift from my Uncle. When I switched on the Radio it was happend.

I was infected. I practized it for some Years. There where any Stations who left the Band but i donīt think about it to stop the Action.

Then, in August 2003 i visited a Friend of mine. He was a Ham Radio Operator and show me what the different between the CB Radio and the Ham Radio.

Ok, i thought. That will be a Hobby for me.

As I said it to him, he answerd: " Go away, many Friends said it to me but no one made the License for this Hobby".

I went home and visited the Homepage from the RegTP.

There I downloaded the announcement for the Licenseexamination.

A few days later i get the inviting for the Examination for Licens Class 3.

Now there waqs no way back and I started  learning. In five Days I get the know how and get the License by the first try.

My first Call was DO1TJH. I started radio operation right now

Short time ago I saw that the DARC would start a correspondence course to get Class 2.

After I spoke with my wife because the Family must say ok too I send my announcement for the course.

I got weekly E-Mails with indentures that had been send with the right answers returne to Sender.

For this Course I learnd with the Books from DJ4UF - E. Moltrecht who is a member of our OV G01. Today I make use of it to see some interesting things about Ham Radio Operating.

Additional I get "technical instructions" by the Father of DG5KD, Call DG5KMB .

I few month later I get my new Call. DC1TJH.....

Thanks to anyone who helped me by learning.